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In my experience as a frontend developer, one of the things that I often develop are animations on the scrolling of the pages.

My approach to this type of development has changed over the years.

At first, I used the scroll event in JavaScript, but on the performance side, I…

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It has been nearly a year since I started to use Tailwind CSS instead of Bootstrap.
Sometimes I wonder if in a few months I’ll be able to add only utilities or if I’ll remember how to write CSS code.

Anyway, today I’d like to show you six utilities…

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When I started using Vue, I just passed data between components through the props, deepening this framework I found that I could achieve the same result with slots.

Let’s understand the differences and the reasons for using props instead of slots and vice versa.


They are attributes that are…

Gridsome and Nuxtjs are the most popular Vue.js frameworks at this time and will certainly be throughout 2020.

Today many people and companies prefer to start using Vue.js from one of these frameworks.

Why start from a framework?

The main reason is that these frameworks already have a lot of preset configurations and are easy…

Luca Spezzano

Frontend developer focused on CSS architecture of scalable and maintainable large scale projects and the development of amazing user interfaces.

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