A great way to create a reusable tabs component in Vue from scratch

Tabs are one of the most used components in the UI, we can find them in the most popular CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or libraries of UI components like TailwindUI.

They can have different styles but their main job is to change the content at the click of a button…

Some advice I want to give after 5 years of working in different startups

Usually, in my articles, I talk about technical stuff or how to implement some features, this time I want to talk more about the working environment inside a startup.

I have been working for 5 years now, I have been lucky enough to work in several startups and also to…

Animate your pages when an element is visible in the viewport with pure JavaScript

In my experience as a frontend developer, one of the things that I often develop are animations on the scrolling of the pages.

My approach to this type of development has changed over the years.

At first, I used the scroll event in JavaScript, but on the performance side, I…

Save time and use everything Tailwind CSS makes available to you

It has been nearly a year since I started to use Tailwind CSS instead of Bootstrap.
Sometimes I wonder if in a few months I’ll be able to add only utilities or if I’ll remember how to write CSS code.

Anyway, today I’d like to show you six utilities…

Let’s see what is the best way to pass data between components

When I started using Vue, I just passed data between components through the props, deepening this framework I found that I could achieve the same result with slots.

Let’s understand the differences and the reasons for using props instead of slots and vice versa.


They are attributes that are…

Let’s see in which cases we need to use a state management pattern like Vuex

Nowadays we overuse frameworks and libraries, just because they are popular but not because we need them.

I realized this by looking at the mistakes I made when I started using Vue.js.

At that time I did a lot of research and I noticed that everyone was using Vuex in…

A great way to create a simple modal from scratch

Modals are one of the most used components in the UI, we can find them in the most popular CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or libraries of UI components like TailwindUI.

They are useful because in our projects we often want to show messages or we need to allow users to…

A quick comparison of the most popular Vue.js frameworks

Gridsome and Nuxtjs are the most popular Vue.js frameworks at this time and will certainly be throughout 2020.

Today many people and companies prefer to start using Vue.js from one of these frameworks.

Why start from a framework?

The main reason is that these frameworks already have a lot of preset configurations and are easy…

Step by step tutorial

For the last past months, I have been searching for a Headless CMS to connect with a modern Javascript framework like Vue.js to use for my clients.

After a long search, I found the perfect combination for my needs thanks to a static site generator like Gridsome and a headless…

The future of frontend development

In the last years, microservices have exploded in popularity, and many companies are using them to avoid the limitations of large, monolithic backends.

But today many companies continue to struggle with monolithic frontend codebases.

Micro Frontends come to help!

What are Micro Frontends?

The term Micro Frontends extends the concepts of microservices to…

Luca Spezzano

Frontend developer focused on CSS architecture of scalable and maintainable large scale projects and the development of amazing user interfaces.

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